Sunday, April 10, 2011

Who Needs Pottery Barn Kids? Not me!

I've neglected posting Clarissa's final pillow long enough. It has been finished for a week. I've just been waiting for a sunny day to take a photo of it. I'm still relying on my iPhone and its just not acceptable to me! But until I can get one of those fancy shmancy DSLRs it will have to do. It's a shame the world has come to this. My manual SLR was all the rage back in the day. Although I'm embarrassed to say that I've never taken a single color photo with it - only black and white film. Well, anyway. On to the meat...

I decided to use a king size pillow rather than a body pillow. Although it is the perfect size, this pillow is so plump that I'm not sure I'm getting the desired outcome, but we'll see what you guys think.

I added some pink trim to the edges. Remember the back of Clarissa's quilt? The pink flat sheet? Well I had some significant scraps left over.

All I did was cut strips, fold them in half, and then pinned them to the right side of the pillow. (I didn't have any cord to cover for piping like in the window seat covers, but I think this came out just as nice.)

I sewed the folded strips the right side of the pillow. Then I pinned the right sides of the pillow case together, following the trim stitch while sewing.

Don't forget to leave an opening so you can put your pillow inside if you are going to do this. Then hand stitch close. The corners were kind of tricky, because I would normally cover cord and make piping. But I think they look long as all four corners look the same, you can do whatever you want, right?

I'm very happy with how the trim came out. And I will say I did not have any hiccups with this project. Knocking on wood right now! Let's just hope my letters stay put. Here is Clarissa's finished pillow. I think it goes with the quilt nicely.

I would love to give you a better picture, but I don't want to take any "detailed" pics of Clarissa's room until she gets a new bed.  I really want to get her a Jenny Lind (spindle) bed and am having little luck finding one. Saturday the "Michelles" and I ventured out to the Old Lucketts Store. There was a very inexpensive bed there that resembled a spindle bed and it was only $85. Kicking myself now for not purchasing it.  We did get to meet Miss Mustard Seed, writer of my newest blog obsession. She was so nice and was happy to answer all of our chalk paint-related questions. She even mentions meeting us at the end of her recent post. To me, she is oh so inspiring...thus the fire lit under my butt to post Clarissa's finished pillow. ;-)

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Mel said...

One word....WOW!! It looks super nice!!