Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lattice - Not Just For Your Garden

Last week, I shared my table makeover with you. It was a lot of hard work, but I will admit that I admire it daily. I envisioned patterned parsons chairs around it. I tried to find an inspiration photo to share, but really I was just inspired by me. I love the lattice pattern that we are all seeing everywhere. So I found these chairs on craigslist for a mere $125 for six. What? Yes. They are not top quality, but for the amount of sitting around a dining table we do, they are perfect. They were a little dirty. I scrubbed and steamed them and was able to get most of the stains out. This picture was taken right after I steamed them, so they look a little wet.

I looked at both Michaels and A.C. Moore for a big lattice stencil and came up empty handed. Why in the world is there NOT a Hobby Lobby in the D.C.area??? I found this one on their website and got 40% off with a coupon. With shipping, it was about $16.

 I trimmed the stencil a little so it is slightly wider than the chair back and seat. I centered it and pinned it tightly with quilting pins.I also taped it down. This is a thick stencil. It almost would have been better if I had a thinner one.

I bought a fabric medium and mixed it with [my favorite] craft paint. I chose medium gray. Nothing fancy. You are supposed to mix equal parts, but the medium actually lightens it, so I only did about half of the medium.

I forgot to take an action shot of the "stippling", but I just used a stencil brush. It came out a little sloppier than I was hoping, but I think it looks pretty good.

Now the question remains. Do I do the whole chair or just the backs? Help me decide by taking the poll at the top right. Keep in mind I have six chairs to do!

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Decor & Harmony @ 4290 said...

I want those chairs after they've been completed :) Very nice I just might have to purchase that stencil myself. Your newest follower, stop by for a visit. said...

Ha ha! They are mine. Thanks for following me!

WhyCuzICan said...

By golly, I voted to keep the back-only's stunning

Jacqueline said...

It looks fantastic! What a great idea without covering them with new fabric. I wanted that same stencil and we do not have a Hobby Lobby around also. I didn't realize you can use coupons online?

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Michelle said...

The table looks awesome in this pic with the chairs...